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Furious 7 Director James Wan to Produce Mortal Kombat Movie
Book of Souls Kombat Encyclopaedia Now Free eBook
05/19/2018 08:34 PM :: Posted at 08:34 PM EST by ]{0MBAT

What began as the "Mortal Kombat Encyclopaedia" has become The Book of Souls. This passion project from MK Online forum user Ninja_Arts has evolved from a simple fan petition, to a proof of concept pitch for interested bookmakers, DK Publishing.

It hasn't reached final publication, but Mortal Kombat Online has followed the book's journey, including a limited printed sample viewed at the inaugural Kombat Kon. Now everyone can see the final version as an electronic eBook viewable at the new Uppercut Editions website! Check out some preview pages below:

Available to view at no charge, The Book of Souls is loaded with photographs of actors from the classic games, 3D renders from the newer releases, and artists’ sketches from every iteration of the franchise. There's also in-fiction biographical information on all the characters, backgrounds, and relics that have appearance in the games, and multimedia adaptations.

Not content with merely restating in-game text and story modes, the team behind the fan-produced book have also acquired clarifications from key development staff, including: John Tobias (series co-creator), John Vogel (artist & writer), and Mortal Kombat X tie-in comic book writer Shawn Kittelsen.

At the present time, ordering a print copy is still an impossibility -- it strictly remains a passion project available online. Fans of the eBook are still able to show support for an officially published tome by signing the petition. To date, Warner Brothers and NetherRealm Studios have opted not to pursue the item.

Register to share your impressions and interest in The Book of Souls on the Media & Merchandise forum! Help spread the word by liking & sharing this story on Twitter and Facebook!

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